Getting Ready For The Pampered Pooch

Before we get into grooming supplies, there are a few more things to go over. Have you researched more on breeds of dogs. Do you want a big dog or a small dog. Do you want one that doesn’t shed? Do you have children? Will they be good to the puppy or will they be pulling on its tail or ears. Maybe you should wait until they are at an age that they will know better. They don’t understand and neither does’ puppy.

So Your Getting A PuppyPampered Pooch

Well, I guess you have decided after all your research to buy your puppy from a breeder or a pet shelter. Should you get it from a pet shelter he will likely have all of his shots and be spayed or neutered. You will have to pay for that if you get him from a breeder unless you decide to breed him at a later date.Sometimes they will also have their first shots.

When you bring puppy home there are some things you will need right away! Should you plan on making him a Pampered Pooch you can buy your dog grooming supplies online. There are several sites you can go to. It might be a good idea to purchase your first supplies online. You will get your shipping free if you spend enough, which you will. Most products are cheaper online. If you can afford to take him to a Pampered Pooch Salon you don’t have to worry so much about supplies.

Puppy Proofing Your House

You are going to make your house puppy proof. Basically you are going to make it baby proof. They will be getting into everything. This is a good time to get a crate or wire cage. That way puppy will be safe and so will all your treasures. You will still need a bed he feels secure in. This will depend on the size of your puppy. They range from$20.00 to $800.00!

Remember your dog will be growing rapidly. This is great if that’s the way you are going to potty train him. This also comes in handy if you have to work or just if you leave the house. If you leave puppy by himself you will have something destroyed before you get back home. Puppies are very inquisitive and they like to chew.

Pampered PoochBasic Supplies You Will Need At First

The first thing you will need is dog food. You can talk to the breeder or the people at the shelter and find out what kind of food they are eating. Try to get the same kind. Flea and tick medicine is a must when they are old enough. Make sure you get the one that prevents heart worms.

We got our puppy she was only six weeks old. She weighed around 8 ounces and she was all black. I have a king-size bed and I was a widow so she slept between me and my daughter in her bed. She only cried when she had to go outside. This was every night like clockwork. She was very easily trained.

You will need food and water bowls. Buy a basic 4-6 ft lease. You can buy a longer one later for training. Get an adjustable collar with ID tags. A brush or grooming mitt depending on your dogs coat. Start this young and they will find comfort in it later in life. Brushing makes its coat shiny. Pick up a few toys. Something squeaky and something to chew on.

It doesn’t matter what size dog you get, they all need the same thing, some more, some less. They can all become a Pampered Pooch, which they usually do. They all need love and proper training. I personally think the more love you give them, the easier they are to train. They try so hard to please their owner. Make sure you have some sort of puppy treats. These are great for potty training.

Pick A Reputable Vet

Check out your vet. This will be your dogs doctor so check them out just like you check out yours. As soon as you can, take your puppy in for a complete examination. They will help you pick out flea and tick control. Don’t buy it there because it is Pampered Poochcheaper on line.

Pick up some cleaning supplies. You’re going to need them. Make sure they are puppy safe. There is one with enzymatic cleaners, which specifically break down proteins such as the ones found in urine. They are very helpful for those house training incidences. Puppies are messy, no two ways about it.

Something no one ever thinks about is traveling in a car. They need to be strapped in just like humans. The major cause of death in dogs is not the accident, but getting out of the car and getting hit on the road.

Remember that owning a dog is a lifelong commitment with a variety of responsibilities. If you feel you can’t meet those responsibilities, you don’t need a dog. Consider those responsibilities and honestly evaluate your lifestyle, your home, and your pocketbook before you decide that you really want a dog. It’s just like having a new baby until they’re around a year old.

Yeah!! Going Shopping

If you do get that puppy have fun shopping. The sky is the limit! Don’t take your dog in public places. They need to have several sets of vaccinations before going shopping with you. So let them enjoy the fruits of your labors from home. You have a 10+ year companion.

Pampered PoochOur puppy is going on 8 years old and she has been a wonderful companion. Remember that dog bed? Don’t spend too much money on it. Our puppy has slept with us since day one. I hope we are looking at a few more years, because she has stolen our hearts.

In my next post we will talk about supplies, prices and where might be the best place to purchase them. Please come back and check it out.

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  • Kevin

    You covered pretty much everything one would likely need when getting a new puppy. I remember when I got my first puppy in my early 20’s. I was not at all prepared and made it up as I went, so this can be very helpful for anyone that may be in the same boat.

    Thank you for the post!

  • marketa

    Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for the great article!
    We’ve just bought a brand new german shepherd puppy from a breeder interstate and she’s arriving by plane tomorrow!
    It’s such an exciting time. I’ve forwarded your article to my children to read so that we can all be ready for our newest family member!

    • Sandra

      That is awesome. I love German shepherds. They are so regal. Hope you have all your supplies like a good mommy. Make him your pampered pooch! Good luck and much success. Sandra52

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