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Well you have done all your research and have come to the conclusion you would be a great pet owner. By now you should have decided on what kind of puppy you want. Will you be getting a new puppy from a breeder or a puppy from a pet shelter. Either way it should be exciting for you and your family. In this post we will be looking at some items you should purchase before you bring the puppy home.

Beds And CollarsPampered pooch

It is probably easier to make a list so you don’t forget anything. You probably know how big your puppy is going to get so purchase a bed accordingly. If it’s going to be a big dog, you might be better off buying a cheaper puppy bed and getting a bigger bed as he grows. Puppies like to feel secure, but he’s still going to cry all night if he’s in the bathroom. There’s no getting around that. You can buy dog beds online for all kind of prices. If you decide to get it online with the rest of your new puppy supplies, you will get free shipping.

When you buy your collar and leash, you might also want to look for a harness. The collars come in a large variety of colors and styles. They make so many kinds. There are collars that smell good, so are soft, they even have collars with bows. A puppy collar harness might be a better way to go. That way you’re not always pulling on their neck. Harnesses start at 6 to 8 pounds. You can always buy a puppy purse. That’s what I used for a long time because my dog was so small. You are going to have to replace it as puppy grows. You can pick up a 6-foot leash to start out with. Make sure you have ID tags just in case he sneaks out the door. The best puppy dog collar is the one that fits.

Pampered PoochPotty Training

I’m sure you have decided on how your going to potty train him. This starts immediately! Make sure and buy some potty pads or you can buy the artificial grass. If you are going to cage train him. If so you will need to buy the wire cage in which he can move around in and have a place for food and water. A dog will usually not dirty where he eats or sleeps. That’s the idea around cage training. Just make sure you take him out as soon as you get home. Praise him when he does good and doesn’t mess his cage. I heard this works well. I always used the gates when I went out. Put potty pads in whatever room you put him in. Put a few around in different rooms and take him outside often.

Remember when you buy your food and water bowels to get weighted ones. You will have a lot less spills. Remember to ask the breeder or shelter what kind of food they are eating. If you change their food without weaning them from one to the other, you might not be happy with the outcome. Always make sure they have water available. Don’t forget to pick up some dog treats according to your dogs size. You will need to have these for training. Get something nutritious and small since you be going through quite a bit. If your dog is small you could give him a few pieces of dry food if that’s what he is eating.

Shampoo And ToysPampered Pooch

You might not need this right away but it’s nice to have. If puppy makes a mess in his cage you will have to bathe him. Please don’t ever use shampoo made for humans. They strip the Natural oils from the dogs skin. You will have all kind of skin problems. That means a trip to the vet and more money. You can buy the best tearless dog shampoo and conditioner. Maybe you don’t have the money to spend with all the things you have to buy. Pick it up when you can. It will save you money in the long run. Buy a good brush or mitt depending on your dogs coat. Brushing will make his coat shine and it will let him get used to brushing while he’s young. That way he won’t mind it when he gets older.

Your puppy will be cutting teeth when you get him. They love to chew on whatever they can get their mouths around. If they are chewing on a toy they might leave your shoes alone. That’s not a promise. For some unknown reason they love squeaky toys. These are very annoying. As they grow they really love a good old session of tough of war, especially your bigger dogs. So stock up of the toys, you can never have enough.

Vet Examination

I hope you have already checked out your vet. He is the same as your family doctor so pick a good one. You need to take your puppy in as soon as you can. He will examine the puppy and make sure he’s healthy. He will probably do blood work and urinalysis. Your puppy will get any shots that he still needs. Tell the vet what food your feeding him and see if that is good for your puppy. He’ll also try to get a stool sample to check for worms and parasites. You might have to collect this at home and take it back.

You can also check with the vet about the best flea and tick control for dogs. Make sure it is for heart worms as well. It will make it so much easier. I wouldn’t buy it there because it’s probably a lot more expensive. You can buy it online much cheaper.Pampered Pooch

Now if you want to pamper your pooch, you can pick up some cute little outfits for puppy, especially if it’s a small breed. But they make cute little scarfs for your male puppy. This little puppy is going to be the center of attention. If you have children, teach them how to handle the puppy. I know they will want puppy to sleep with them, it’s not a good idea. They could roll over on the puppy and not even know it. They are such sound sleepers when they finally do go to sleep.

This should be a good start. I will research prices and some of each product and I will be researching the best for your pampered pooch. I’ll leave the shopping to you. Spoil the new puppy as much as you want. They will love all the attention. Have fun with your new little pooch. You will receive in turn unconditional love.


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    Nice post. My only problem for having puppies is how to manage their waste. How to manage their waste? Do I need to train them to go to the toilet ?

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