Now We’ll Find Out What Makes A Pampered Pooch

Pampered PoochDogs are man’s best friend. At least that’s what I’ve always heard. Why are dogs man’s best friend? They are awesome animals. They have so many endearing qualities. It may be pulling on their leash because they want to go for a walk. It could be the wagging of their tail when you walk in the door after being gone for a short period. Dogs will always be man’s best friend.

  • Did you know dogs have a really terrible short term memory? You can really irritate them and a short time later they will walk up to you like nothing has happened. They are ready for you to pull their tail or ears, or play hide-and-seek with their food and start all over again. It’s a win-win scenario. They don’t hold it against you for the rest of you life like you human friends.
  • On the other hand, dogs have really great long term memory. You can pull his tail and he’ll forget that. But they never forget the bond you have with them. Treat them well and they will have a lasting bond with you that you can never shake off.
  • Dogs will always have you back. It doesn’t matter who knocks on you door, your dog will be right there beside you to bark their head off. This is a little embarrassing if it’s you mother or you date.
  • Dogs can mimic your emotions. Are you sad? Then they are sad. Are you really angry, they will be there barking with their fur raised. They will be there no matter what your emotion.
  • Did you ever think of you friend as a mini-dishwasher. If you don’t finish you plate just hand it over to you furry friend and he’ll polish the plate for you.
  • Do you have a dog? You will never have to eat alone. It’s difficult to eat without the non-stop barking in the back ground.

My Pampered Pooch

Pampered pooch

I think everyone will admit that dogs are man’s best friend. But I have a dog that does all the above and I am a woman. Do they really distinguished between a man or a woman. They just want to be loved. This is where the Pampered Pooch comes in. Is this something your dog really wants or would he rather be outside rolling around in a mud puddle? I think the later is true. I had a small white poodle. He would get washed and brushed. The minute he got outside he went down to our lake and rolled in the bad duck eggs! You can imagine the mess. I had to spray him off with the water hose before I could take him in and bathe him again.

Pampered Pooch

I think this Pampered Pooch thing comes from the woman. Do they really think a man cares whether he has bows in his hair or fingernail polish on his nails. Why do we pamper our dogs so much? Well guess what, it’s a brain thing. Their talking about that chemical Oxytocin. It means hungry and fuzzy. Hungry is the thing that makes us so close to our owners. Hungry means it is looking for attachment figures, that’s what we are. On the other hand, fuzzy means the oxytocin-addled brain does not pick attachment targets very precisely. Dogs are around us, they are available attachment targets. Dogs love to be pet. The oxytocin response leads to reciprocal rewards, reinforcing human-to-dog bonding.

Have you ever thought how much you would pay to keep you dog alive and healthy? What if he had seizures and you could treat it with a pill. Would you do it? What if he hurt his spine and it would cost $3000.00 for laser treatment. Would you do it? How about bladder stones at $5000.00. Would you do it? Well about 50% of the peopled surveyed said yes.

Why Do We Love Our Dogs So Much?

Our dogs get rewards every time we see them do something cute. We even reward them for pooing and peeing outside! Pampered poochDon’t you wish that had been one of those things they received from their wolf ancestors. We don’t let our human kids do that. It’s totally different when “puppy” does it. We dress them in clothes and take them out so people can ooh and aw. We use the very best on our dog but, we use the generic brand!

Dogs are our companions for life. It makes us happier, healthier and nicer people. That’s a neat trick for a wolf’s relative. So what if we sometime dress them up like humans. Yes, dogs really are mans best friend. So how much would you pay to keep you dog alive?

The sky is the limit on things for your Pampered Pooch. Do you have the money so you can take you furry friend to the Salon, and then take him to the pet Motel why you go away for a week or so. If you were driving you would probably take them with you. You wouldn’t have to feel guilty. Then when you get back you take him to the salon again to get all those other dog smells off him.

The List Is Endless

If you don’t have a lot of money then you can buy Pampered Pooch Supplies. Shampoos and conditioners to start. Then they need to be dried and styled. They need something to make them pleasant to smell. The outfits are up to you. Any kind you want to pick. The right diet is essential to keep them healthy. Don’t forget the flea and tick medicine. Plus the stores carry all kinds of supplements for you furry friend. If your really talented you can make little homemade outfits. Many people make a living selling things for Pampered Pooches.

I’m going to find the best products for your pooch and mine. Our little Pampered Pooch gets the best. She’s just a mutt, three different breeds. I call her my Million Dollar Mutt. The dog I was speaking of earlier, is our Pampered Pooch. How much would you pay?

Protect Our Furry FriendsPampered poch

 Keep our furry friends off the streets. Adopt a dog when you can. They make wonderful friends as well. Be a responsible dog owner. Maybe after researching what it takes to be an owner, you decide a dog isn’t the best thing to do right now. That will keep one more dog out of the kennels or on the streets.

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  • Cynthia Bruni

    Hello Sandra,
    Dog’s are a mans best friend. I know I have three of them. A mom and two of her puppies. Well, they are five now. We just lost one, Oliver. He was my very best friend and I miss him everyday. If I didn’t have my dog’s I don’t know what I would do. They are like my kids ( mine are grown).

    I tried everything to get help to save my dog. There is not a lot of help out there for the vet costs. I had to make the hard decision to let him go. He was only four and even the vet cried with me.

    As my mom used to say, “they never grow up and go to college, and they love you unconditionally.” I have to agree.

    Personally, I think their memory can be quite long term. It may take a minute for familiar smells to come back, or by visual, but then all of a sudden it clicks in and they get excited.

    Thanks for the information. Keep up the good work.
    Cyn Bruni

    • Sandra

      Thank you Cynthia. I know I have a little one here with me that is on medication for seizures and thyroid problems. It’s $57.00 a month. Things are getting so bad I really wonder how long I can keep this up. But that’s the only unconditional love I get! I know how you feel. I’m so sorry about your puppy. Thank you, Sandra

  • Mike

    Excellent article. I have 2 dogs and I simply cannot imagine them not being around. It is essential to keep them healthy. Grooming is part of the essential care and is absolutely necessary. Congrats on your Million Dollar Mutt!

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