Sandra’s Story Beginning A New Journey

Hi, my name is Sandra and welcome to the “Pampered Pooch.”


My story is quiet lengthy so I’ll just hit the highlights. I am 67 and widowed. I have living with me my 87 year old mother and my 17 year old daughter. We also have Littlebit, a Russian Blue cat and a dog named Cheyenne, who is a mutt.

I have had a lot of illness in my life that has drained my savings and maxed out my credit cards. This has forced me back into the workforce. I thought selling online would be a great opportunity.

Throughout all my sickness my daughter’s dog stayed with me the entire time. This is the only time you receive unconditional love. That is what brought me to the Pampered Pooch, my website.

My daughter will be graduating this year with honors. I am so proud of her and the person she has become. The only sad part is, she will be leaving for college. My mother and I don’t know what we will to do with ourselves! She is what keeps us going and the pets.


I would like to help people to take care of their pets. They are a big expense, so make sure they fit your budget before you get one. And, don’t forget the shelters have so many pets to choose from. Our mutt is the sweetest thing. Pampered Pooch will make them beautiful.


I would like to draw awareness to the many dogs that are left at shelters or alongside the road somewhere to die. Be responsible pet owners. If you can’t afford a pet don’t buy one. This is the safest way.


All the best,


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